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Welcome to this website in honor of a great man.  In his life, the people who knew him described him as an exceptionally kind and honorable man.  A quiet man, always ready with a smile.  A great humanitarian.  A leader in the church community.  A professional engineer with a strong work ethic.  To the ones who especially loved him, his family, he was a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather, who gave his love completely and unconditionally.  The ideal role model for his children, he taught us to be the best that we could be, and yet not dwell on our failures.  To find our own happiness, and at the same time never forget our roots.  And to us, he was Dad.

And for all that, he was also a hero in the truest sense of the word.  During World War II, like many men of his generation, he answered his country's call and enlisted in the armed forces.  He fought deep behind enemy lines in one of the most remote, hostile, and dangerous theaters in the war, facing combat conditions as dangerous as any Americans anywhere faced.  And when the conflict was over and won, he quietly returned to civilian life, picking up his life where he'd left it years earlier, and feeling proud of the contributions he made.  He never expected to receive any glory.  He never expected his thankful government to give him anything in return for his service.  He just carried on, built a life for himself and his family who came afterwards.

There were many men who in their own way have stories similar to my father's.  This does not lessen George William Haupin's status as a hero, nor does it minimize theirs.  In many ways, my father represents all of these brave men of the Mars Task Force, and for that matter, the men who have gallantly fought for our country in all our wars.  This website honors all of them.  They are all American heroes.

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