Private George Haupin trained at Camp Carson from January thru June of 1944.  During this time, he sent home this souvenir booklet to his family.  George W. Haupin made all the hand notations on pictures in this booklet.  Click on the image to read!

In 1995, Richard F. Bates was interviewed about his his experiences serving in Burma and China.  Mr. Bates and George W. Haupin both served in the same battalion during the Burma events.  Click on Mr. Bates' image to read the transcript of this interview.


The CBI Roundup was the official weekly newspaper of the CBI theater of World War II.  Click on the image for a full explanation and hyperlink.

Page One Walley

This is a fine, brief article by Cherilyn Walley about the 612th and 613th Field Artillery (Pack) units, which were part of the Mars Task Force.  It was originally published in Veritas magazine several years ago.  Many thanks to Mr. W.B. Woodruff for sending me a copy of this.  Click on the image to read the article!

Saquety Page One

In my opinion, this article by Dr. Troy Sacquety is the finest article which has ever been written about the Mars Task Force.  It was published in Veritas magazine at the end of 2009, and is reprinted here in its exact original form.  It was provided to me by both Mr. W.B. Woodruff and Ms. Connie Ness, daughter of the late Lt. Colonel Martin Ness of the 612th Field Artillery Battalion (Pack).  I give them my deepest thanks for all the help they have given me.  Click on the image to read the article!

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