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Memorial Day, 2001

On this day in June, George William Haupin was honored in an award presentation by Congressman Rush Holt.  My brother James Haupin made all the arrangements with Congressman Holt and the town leaders of East Brunswick, New Jersey.  A great number of the extended Haupin Family were in attendance on that day.  Thanks also to my other brother Robert, who filmed the event.

Oral History Interview With George W. Haupin, December, 2007

In the fall of 2007, my nephew Zachary Haupin was assigned in school to interview a World War II veteran, and of course the logical subject for this interview was his grandfather George. This video is very dear to all of us.  It is the last one we have of our father, and the only video record of his memories of the war.  Dad really hung in there, although breathing was obviously very difficult for him.  Thank you to Zachary and his father Robert, who was also present at the interview and who created the beautiful opening of the movie.

Dedication of the Mars Task Force Memorial Stone, September, 2012

This short video is a press release from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, reporting this long-awaited memorial in honor of the Mars Task Force.  The two MTF veterans who revealed the stone for the first time in this video were Ken Laabs and W.B. "Woody" Woodruff.  Mr. Woodruff is also one of the featured speakers in the film, as well.  Mr. Woodruff is overly-humble when he states the honor is more than they deserve.  The reality is that recognition for the work of the Mars Task Force has been long overdue.  I am very proud that my father was a member of this esteemed group of heroes.  (Film Producer:  Jessica Fimbres)

Dedication of the Mars Task Force Memorial Stone, September, 2012 (Pt. 2)

Here is a second Ft. Bragg video of the dedication of the Mars Task Force memorial.I'm sure my father would have loved to be there on that beautiful day!  (Film Producer:  Josh Tucker)


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